Workforce Development

Continually improve employee performance and motivation to be competitive

We develop fast, effective and affordable initiatives for increased business results.

Create satisfied, motivated employees that are committed to delivering customer satisfaction leading to loyalty and ultimately improved business results.


  • Proven Industry Content
  • Custom Built Training Solutions
  • Integrated Delivery Tools
  • Critical Follow Through Process
  • Evaluation Methodology
  • Improved and Sustained Performance

“Right from the start, we were very impressed with the professional manner, sales expertise and high standards Lori and her team brought to the table. Their approach not only inspired confidence in their ability—but most importantly—generated tangible, measurable results. ”

Cathy V. Lloyd, Director Channel Marketing, Verizon

“LRM brought  tremendous experience in the design, implementation, assessment and evaluation of our workforce development initiatives.”

David A. Rose, SPHR, Vice President Human Resources, VNA Care Network Foundation & Affiliates