Leadership Program

Focusing on the principles, traits, tasks, techniques and best practices of providing leadership

We begin with the Assessment Model to determine current leadership practices and areas of opportunity.

Traits, principles and behaviors that define the leader and inspire commitment.

The Leader as Motivator

Theories and practices for motivating subordinates and creating and sustaining a motivational environment.

The Leader as Personnel Developer

Practices, strategies, and analytical tools for assessing overall personnel performance –  career path analysis and discussion for improving performance.

The Leader as Communicator

Communication skill models vital to ensuring the optimum flow of effective inter-personal interactions.

Leading The “Mind Share” Work Team

It is critical to ensure that all team members—Boomers, Gen X and Millennials—are “included” in team decisions and team processes and initiatives. This module looks at techniques for ensuring that the team shares its brainpower and has methodologies for sustaining a motivational environment that gets the best out of each worker.