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What is LRM Consulting?

LRM was founded by Lori Meagher in 1996. Before starting LRM, Lori managed a $140 million dollar sales line at Xerox where she also was responsible for the training of over 2000 sales employees. At LRM, Lori uses her experience and knowledge to help small and medium size businesses grow. We have worked with companies of all sizes, from those with less than 10 employees to one of America’s largest telecom companies. We provide support, strategic consulting, and growth plans through a variety of programs. Our team has grown in recent years, adding expertise in social media strategies, lead generation and business development. To learn more about specific programs, follow the links at the top of the page.

Leadership and Expertise

Our Team

Our Vision

We help small to medium size companies grow by providing growth strategies, workforce development, training, lead generation and account development. In recent years, we have developed the LRM learning platform which utilizes an interactive video platform to provide training to both sales and management through our sales tool box and our coaching tool box. Utilizing the most up to date technology is important so that we can provide cutting edge service to our clients. We continue to innovate and develop new programs, based on the same solid fundamentals we have used for the last two decades.

Our Successes

We have worked with a variety of clients, providing expertise in a variety of areas. Our biggest successes include growing a mobile marketing firm start which had 5 sales reps to the point that they had three international sales teams. We have provided training platforms for both large and small companies, including successfully training representative for one of America’s largest telecom companies.