Lead Generation

Provide a marketing-to-sales bridge


LRM delivers measurable sales activity across the entire lead generation lifecycle. We help you quickly build a quality sales funnel, expedite the sales process and close more business.

The LRM Lead Generation Team of experienced sales people will generate sales leads in small to medium sized companies and will build your database if none exists.

The LRM team isn’t an outside vendor. We work as an extension of our client’s sales and marketing staff to ensure we understand your business, go beyond the call of duty, and deliver exceptional results.

With LRM, driving Sales Activity is job #1

“LRM perfectly solved a need that a fast growing company like Fiksu deemed very important. They worked cooperatively with us to create a program to drive high volumes of qualified leads to our sales team. They shared their experience and their time with us to ensure a close-working and productive relationship. We continue to find ways to use their talents and resources to help scale our business efficiently and effectively.”

Bill Flynn, VP WW Sales

What we offer

  • Content Marketing: Innovative programs to drive new prospects and leads, and build your database.
  • BDR Services: Outbound calls and emails generate a consistent lead pipeline.
  • Database Marketing: Prospect marketing programs deliver qualified leads and opportunities.
  • Nurture Campaigns: Ongoing email/content marketing sustains awareness and drives leads.

Lead Generation Process

  • Multiple Touch Process: Combination of Voicemails and Emails
  • Build Awareness, Qualify Prospect, Build Pipeline
  • CRM Setup: salesforce.com support, Create/Load Database, Create Lead Views, Create Marketing Templates
  • Tracking and Reporting: Weekly Activity Report, MQL Report, Opportunity Report, Dashboard
  • Manage the Process

What does our Team Provide?

  • Experienced, senior marketing team helps you develop and execute lead generation plans and demand strategies.
  • Executive-level sales management works closely with you to tightly integrate lead generation initiatives with your sales goals and operations.
  • Veteran BDR team conducts outbound and inbound activities using proven best practices – and integrates seamlessly with your sales team.


  • Increased Market Awareness and Interest
  • MORE Business Opportunities
  • Increased Productivity
  • Valuable Market Intel