Business Development

Let us help you develop your business

We offer a complete management system and planning protocol. In addition to these processes, LRM Consulting will also be available to discuss and offer training and coaching on:

  • Strategic Business Development Solutions for measurable improved results
  • Market Surveying to provide critical data on your perception in the marketplace, key buying drivers, product differentiators and message resonation
  • Management Processes to build and track critical activities
  • Account Development Tools for key campaigns/sectors

“The LRM team has been instrumental in creating new business opportunities for VideoNitch. Initially, the team designed a comprehensive lead generation program and delivered a strong pipeline of sales prospects. In addition, they have worked with us on our sales strategies providing key recommendations for further market awareness, account development and management.”

Chris Blue, Executive Vice President, VideoNitch

LRM Provides:

  • Valuable Branding and Messaging
  • Hiring and On-Boarding Support
  • Sales Personnel
  • Sales Cycle Mapping
  • Incentive Planning
  • Sales Development: Solutions and Skills
  • Management Coaching and Support
  • Account Development